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Canadian vs American Football

The key differences between American and Canadian football are the game duration and the number of players that are present on the field. With Canadian football, there are 12 players and the game is set at 60 minutes but spanned over 4 x 15 minute quarters. American football matches last up o an hour and have 11 players on the field.

Some of the other factors involved with making the games different are ht field size, balls size, and some of the rules and regulations. Gameplay is also seen as one of the major diffidence’s where scrimmage, fair catches, and punt returns are completely different.

Time rules are also different. In American football, the offensive team must run a play within 25 seconds when the referee blows the first whistle, but in Canada, only 20 seconds. Although these are small changes, it’s not seen in other major sports to differ this much in different countries.

Both the sports originated from Rugby which was introduced in Canada by the British Army Soldiers who were stationed in Montreal.

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