Where to buy Team Kits and Jerseys

Buying original and licensed team apparel can be difficult when shopping around a mall or physical location. To find licensed and original merchandise of teams, a person needs to order from reputable and licensed shops, which are usually found online.

This article showcases the most trusted and reliable shops selling licensed and original team jerseys and training kits of American football and CFL teams.

Fanatics – fanatics.ca

At the Fanatics, Online Store fans of NFL can purchase original and licensed jerseys and gear. Fanatica is one of the most popular shops to buy original gear for almost any team of any sport with great prices and peace of mind of the products being original team apparel.

For NFL gear, fans can expect to find jerseys and uniforms for all 32 national teams, including the biggest stars of each team’s sweatshirts, hats, and even jackets worn by coaches and players.

Sportschek – sportchek.ca

Sportscheck provides great prices and carries a large amount of stock. At this online store, you can find almost any football merch item you can think of. Products include player and team jerseys, caps, uniforms, training kits, and much more.

All Sportschek products are original and licensed by the official NFL and CFL, providing original and quality merchandise to fans. All major teams from American football and other sports memorabilia and training kits are sold here.

Lids – lids.ca

Lids online shop provides some of the best deals in selling jerseys and sports kits from all popular American football teams, including Arizona Cardinals, Falcons, Panthers, New York Giants, and more.

Lids provide special deals on all products, including free shipping on most orders over a certain amount. Lids have Fan Service where they advocate and commit to the satisfaction of each hare core fan each time. They strive to build a relationship with each sports fan and offer a 90-day hassle-free return.

By looking at some of the online shops on this list, fans will be able to find the best deals on training kits, jerseys, and any other piece of memorabilia for their favourite NFL or CLF teams.