American Football Teams in Canada

American Football is played throughout North America and Canada with dedicated teams and clubs showing support for the sports and the international teams. Although many American football teams and clubs in Canada are now defunct and not operating anymore, there are still some clubs that are alive and kicking in the spirit of American Football.

This list provides details on the current American football teams that are active in Canada.

Bramalea Satellites

The Bramalea Satellites is an American Football team based in Ontario, Brampton, and was founded in 1967 as an Ontario Rugby Club. That turned to Football in 1973. The club first started with football in the Northern Football Conference in 1973 with dual applications from Bramalea Satellites and the London Lords.

Out of the two teams, the Bramalea Satellites were the only team out of the two to be accepted into the Northern Football Conference.

Ottawa Sooners

The Ottawa Sooners are a Canadian Football team based in Ottawa. The team plays in the Ontario Football Conference and has achieved success during its participation in the CJFL. They have won a total of four national championships. The team was founded in 1960 and is currently coached by Geoff Graham.

Cumberland Panthers

The Cumberland Panthers are a Canadian football organization based in Ottawa. They are known to be the largest minor football organization in Eastern Canada and were founded in 1993. In 1994 they added a team to compete in the Peewee level, followed by Tyke in 1996 and Bantam in 1997.

The Cumberland Panthers have won numerous NCAFA Championships since joining the league. Most recently, they won the 2018 Tyke championships and Bantam City Championships.

The Sudbury Spartans

The Sudbury Spartans are an amateur Gridiron football team based in the city of Greater Sudbury, Ontario. The team and its brand were established back in 1952 and stand as the longest continuously operating sports organization in Sudbury.

They have won more NFC championships than any other team in the league. The team still plays in the Northern Football Conference, which includes the current team’s dorm, Hamilton, Tri-City, and Ottawa.

From 1994 – to 2010, the team struggled to remain competitive and faced cereal’s winless seasons win which it could not finish above .500. In the year 2010, the team was seen to go through a rebirth. They were then welcomed back into the NFC and received acceptance on November 20, 20010.

The teams on this are all passionate and dedicated to the sport of football in Canada and have been playing in leagues and championships for years with large followings and a passion for the game.