How to Bet on the Canadian Football League

Betting on the NFL or any other major football sports league works the same as betting on the CFL. There are many odds to bet on, and the choices are all highly profitable. With football being in the top 3 most popular sports in Canada, many people are taking part in football sports bet.

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This is an overview of the different odds CFL fans can bet on in Canada.

Point Spread

Point Spread is the most common and popular way to bet on CFL. The point spread is done by getting a number from the oddsmaker to level the field between the opposing teams. The most favourable team will be designated with a minus and will need to win by more than the number that is created by the oddsmaker.


In general, Moneyline is the most used form of betting in sports overall. It simply involves betting on which team will win the game. His is probably the safest and easiest bet for those who are new to sports betting. If a team is not likely to win, then betting on them can pay out a larger sum.


Over/Under bets involve a wager to be put on the total combined score of both teams in the game. The bettor places a bet on what they think the combined score will be. This usually goes with a projected number that is set by the oddsmakers.

These are the three most widely used bets in Canada for the CFL. Using any of these types of bets can provide lucrative winnings if luck is on your side.